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In the event of illness, injury, accident, or fatality of the insured animal, it's required that you report to your claims department. When you need to report an incident, and if your policy begins with QAM, you have a StarNet policy and would need to call Frank Aubrey Equine Adjusting at 800-431-1565.

Please try to have your policy number and veterinarian’s name and phone number available when you call. If your horse dies, a necropsy is required to determine the cause of death.
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If you have property damage, immediately secure your property to prevent further damage by giving us a call. If you need to report a farm or liability claim during our off-business hours, please follow the instructions below.
  • If your policy begins with QFO, you have a StarNet policy and would need to call Berkley Risk Administrators Company at 877-992-8844
  • If your policy begins with SL or FSL, you would need to call American Bankers Ins. Co. at 800-245-1505
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